how-to make a paper hat

After reading this you will be a pro at making a paper hat. You’re going to fold a lot of times but it is going to be worth it because when you’re done making it, it will turn out great. These are the materials that you will need: a piece of paper, and a flat table. First get everything you need. Now put the paper landscape on the table. Be careful when you’re folding because you might get a paper cut. Make the creases nice and crisp. Third, fold the paper corner to corner and crease it. Next crease it the same way but flip it landscape again. Then open it up and grab the two corners that are closest to the top crease. After fold the corners that are closest to the top crease to the crease going through the middle and crease it. After that, fold the rectangles at the bottom up on each side, make sure they are on different sides and crease it. Last fold and crease the corners of both of the rectangles that you just folded to the other side of the paper. Now that you’re finished reading you can go make one,if you want to you can decorate it however you want to.

Personal Narrative


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